Friday, October 06, 2006

This is Planet Earth

I'm the kind of person who loves poring over maps so I enjoyed my first spin on Google earth. If your PC has a high enough spec, you can download satellite images of the roof of your house - or anywhere else in the world you want to nosey at. Amazing technology.

I had a lovely evening with two great girlfriends. We have so much to talk about. Sometimes I get a bit hyper and am the conversational equivalent of a Springer Spaniel: excitable yet lacking direction, in need of benign discipline.

After yesterday's house-swap desires, my wish has been speedily granted. A kind and generous friend has offered to lend me his house on Islay for a few days at New Year. I feel much Springer Spaniel type gratitude.



greenwords said...

I love your Springer Spaniel description of being a bit hyper - it's perfect! I recognise myself in there too.

Sue Jackson said...

Me, too! The spaniel is a great mental image! I get that way after finally seeing friends after an extended imprisonment at home. It's just such a thrill to interact with people after so much time alone.

Hope your phone line gets fixed quick!