Sunday, October 15, 2006

The tilt of October

Well, I am always heartened to receive I like your blog emails, so thank you amigos. You've spurned me on to another miscellaneous posting.
I'm enjoying the unaturally mild October weather. I said today that October was a tilt month and Francis looked at me quizzically. You know...that pleasing tilt into autumn? A sense of planetary motion absent in other months. February doesn't tilt so flagrantly. Or July.
I found a great site where you can listen to poems in bite-sized chunks, as if choosing sweets from a tray of Milk Tray. (It's been years since I ate those '70's chocolates - but I remember relishing the variety of the plastic tray before narrowing the choice down to Coffee Cream or Caramel Keg). Anyway, this link is to a Billy Collin's poem and you can browse the selection by theme or by poet.


nmj said...

Hey C, That is a nice image, October tilting, I like it.

sofamum said...

Yeah, October's always been a bittersweet month for me. Full of childhood nostalgia for crunchy leaves, early dusks, hot chocolate after school and excitment about bonfire night. But for 13 years I've been disappointed as my winter relapses set in without fail and I miss out on that magical 'tilting' going on outdoors. I Hope your enjoyment continues...