Thursday, November 30, 2006

Best Scottish Poems 2006

I am honoured to be picked along side these great poets (names, sweetie, names!) as part of the Best Scottish Poems 2006 selection, as chosen by Janice Galloway. Janice The Trick is to Keep Breathing Galloway! I thank you kindly.
PS. For those, like my parents, who know not where to click and say, but we couldn't find your poem, click here .


Amy said...

Great news - just had a look and am impressed. Hoorah for you! xx

Anonymous said...

Well done Ciara, that is fantastic! xx
P.S. F does look rather handsome in his photo! (previous post)

Sarah said...

Wow Ciara! That is such a sweet and wholesome poem. Maybe it was the reference to the orange that makes me say that, but it spoke a lot of truth!


Mo said...

Congratulations, Ciara. Great news. I still like dipping into "Seats for landing" occasionally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ciara

Well done with the poetry award.

Also thanks for getting something into the mainstream media about the Gibson Report. I was starting to get worried that it would be completely ignored and i had even resorted to harrasing journalists by email (to no avail).

All the best.