Thursday, November 02, 2006

Make-over programmes

How do I get sucked into these house make-over programmes? It's amazing how I can watch 50 minutes of footage made from shots of cement mixers, men in hard hats, and close ups of skips (dumpsters to you in the US); just to get to ten minutes of the camera panning around the inside of the finished house to mellow chimey music and me thinking, wooow, great conversion, fantastic bathroom, but I would never have picked those curtains....

It's the same with You are what you eat and What not to wear. I'd be happy to have the whole programme edited down to four and a half minutes. I could then use the other thirty-five-and-a-half minutes to surf aimlessly around the internet.


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Sue Jackson said...

Yes, me too! When I'm crashed, I can just watch those programs all day. I'm hooked on What Not To Wear, but I'd also prefer a 5-minute version. Just the before and after without all the anxiety in the middle. My other favorite is Clean Sweep, where I can look at someone else's cluttered home and think, "Wow, ours isn't nearly THAT bad" and drool over the finished rooms.