Thursday, November 09, 2006

Not Nothing?

I have just 'upgraded' to Internet Explorer 7 and it's taking a while to get used to it. My blog settings look different and IE6 knew all my passwords and now I'm back to guessing. How did you live without this interesting information?
Somedays my eyes feel very tired and vanity starts me wondering about the potential benefits of those wee tubs of eye cream that cost about £57. But I don't believe the hype. Have you noticed how they always claim to 'smooth the appearance of fine lines' as opposed to just smoothing wrinkles - which of course they can't do.
I have stopped reading my horoscope for the first time in my life. It feels quite liberating. I never believed in it, but I'd have a compulsion to read the Capricorn paragraph anyway. Then I'd read Virgo and decide it suited me more.
I am waiting in for a TV aerial man to climb into my attic and rig up my new neighbour's TV. Such is the way that quiet hours are passed. I am not doing nothing. I am being a good neighbour and a cog in the wheel of public service broadcasting.


Anonymous said...

I have just recently started using eye cream, you can get it for a fiver if you look and look and look! I am so scared of getting lines round my eyes . . . As you know I am not a fan of IE, really, go for Firefox, it can be slow, but is better, honest! IE 7 will wreck all your blog fonts....

Another Shade of Grey said...

I have always used IE but have often been told firefox is the way to go. I was viewing a site the other day that was not available to IE so I downloaded Firefox for that sole purpose. While it does take Firefox a bit longer to download photos onto the page as a whole I like it way better than IE.

Sue Jackson said...

I gave up IE for Firefox when I started my blog. I have a Mac and IE for the Mac didn't show all the editing tools in Mostly, I really like Firefox and hadn't noticed any slowness.


Sue Jackson said...

P.S. I bought some nighttime wrinkle cream for the first time recently, but CFIDS makes my face and neck break out like a teenagers, and the extra cream makes it worse. How do you cope with adolescence and aging at the same time?