Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How's about that, Shep?

If I do one thing a day, my life feels hectic. If I'm in an iller phase, I feel overwhelmed, in a better phase I like it. By 'thing' I mean a hair cut, dentist appointment, night class, local supermarket shop, cafe. These are the building bricks of my life. (What about art? You should write more! Shoosh, alter ego, I'm writing this blog, amn't I ?)
I'm a lover of countryside and in winter I'm almost gasping to get out from the greyness of the city. Recently Stuart drove myself and Marisa halfway up the Campsies (our nearest hills) and it was glorious to sit on a wooden bench looking back over the sun-lit fields to Glasgow. You can see half way to Edinburgh too. My body always relaxes slightly when I can look out to a view. I feel it go aahh. We saw sheepdogs herding sheep and Stuart tried to explain to Marisa the conditions under which One man and his dog was prime time viewing on BBC2. It was the seventies. We had 3 channels. They put it on at the weekend. Eight million people watched Shep chasing sheep into a square pen. Rule rural Britannia.
Later we were the only customers in a small country cafe, except for a hand-crafted Santa doll, and classical Christmas tunes coming through speakers. Stuart said they probably had a dj in the kitchen.
I collected some berried branches (with jaggy thorns) and they are still in the boot of my car, days later. My Christmas cactus is in full bloom. I'm holding off on my plastic tree til I really have to.


Sarah said...

Bloody hell! I feel the same way and I don't even have ME! I think what I have is just called 'fannying around' or 'procrastination'. 10, 000 documents in your intray can't be wrong...

sofamum said...

Oh I know what you mean about gazing at a view, or gazing at anything in general other than the same four walls. I miss being able to get out into the countryside. It takes too long to get out of London. My brain freezes up in the cold anyway. I need one of those furry hats! So glad you had a nice outing to the hills