Thursday, December 28, 2006

Island Hogmanay

I am booked to fly to Islay later today (the small Scottish island where I grew up as a teenager). Nice Man is driving down to The Mull of Kintyre (oh, mist rollin' in from the sea, my desire...) with two of our friends on Saturday to get the ferry across. The BBC weather people have already deployed the phrase severe weather warning in association with the word Hogmanay. Hoots man. I could easily figure out a way to make it all my fault if I apply myself. Instead I found this painting of Islay storm clouds by Ian Gray .
When I lived on the island I remember people having bizarre nicknames. There was a guy who used to drive up and down main street in his car with added spotlights. He was referred to as Beyotnay Beans on Toast. I was sometimes called Paddy (my Irish origin) which was marginally better than Ki-Ki, for which there was no excuse.


Ron said...

Hi Ciara,

Enjoy your Hogmanay trip to Islay, and I wish you a safe crossing to Port Ellen.

Best wishes

greenwords said...

I agree, there is no excuse for Ki-Ki. But that painting is beautiful! Have a lovely time at Islay. It is very good to be able to say you grew up on an island really. I certainly can't say that. And that guy's nickname, fantastic.

Digitalesse said...

Islay looks beautiful. I love that pic. I grew up in Glasgow, not far really, but a world away.

Have a great time.