Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Life's Gambles

My family have a gambling habit at Christmas. I was upset today as I was too ill to visit Nice Man's family gathering in Edinburgh. Most of my day was a write-off until I joined my own family at our dining table for a few rounds of poker. My sister's man brought us a table-top game board complete with green baize and a plastic inset for each person's chips. He kept dealing cards and saying things like Bronski beat (two queens) a side salad of fours, and a pair of bullets.
I went from exhausted apathy to unpoker-faced enthusiasm. Stuart joined in and hustled my brother John out of a big win by doing that don't mind me, unassuming politeness thing and playing dumb, the shark. When we cashed in our chips my £10 became £19.60. John said I'd be logging on to all through the night.

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