Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lock up your Spammers

I now get about 12 spam e-mails to every real email in my outlook express. I tried to download free anti-spam software but it asks for your e-mail address and I wondered if this just as the scene in a cop thriller when the police chief turns out to be the top baddie.
Every day I spend ages pressing 'block sender' or making up mail preference rules that are supposed to block e-mails with the word viagra or unbeatable and then I get five e-mails offering me unbeatable prices on viagra. My favourite law in Scotland is the No Smoking law. My second favourite law would lock spammers in jail for 90 days, feed them tinned spam and make them delete hottest offer e-mails until they were hallucinating. Come on governments - get it sorted. In the meantime, can anyone recommend any safe free spamware?
PS. I still haven't figured out how to work these beta labels.


Serena said...

Mailwasher is pretty good.

Mo said...

Hi Ciara

I ended up changing my email address to get rid of them. Time consuming letting everyone know but it's definitely worked. It's also an easy way to lose touch with people you don't want to keep in touch with!

Hope you have as good as Christmas as poss. (I hate saying to people with ME "have a great Christmas").

greenwords said...

I agree with Serena, mailwasher is your friend...