Monday, December 18, 2006

What's that, Life?

When I sleep poorly, I wake up feeling as if mice have nibbled away the coating round my nerves and intra-venous Calamine lotion starts to seem like a good idea.
A lot of PWME get very few colds as their immune systems are underactive on some axes and over active on others. Every winter I hope I won't get some cold or flu-bug on top of the ME. Yet each time I foster this hope, I feel as if I am being cheeky to Life in its grand scheme of things. I expect Life to turn round and dish me out a bug, precisely because I am arrogant enough to petition my case for not having one. I'll decide what goes on here, Life might say in a boomy voice, well within his remit. Is posting this a double bluff? You see Life, I understand your, about that cold you mentioned...
I went to see Nice Man do a few songs at a charity gig last night. I was pleased we got the sofa to sit on. Attic Lights were good too - lovely harmonies.
The other day in M&S, I asked Stuart whether I should buy a jumper dress. He said, I don't have jurisdiction on the jumper dress, Ciara. Useless for the shopper as indecisive as me. They didn't have my size anyway.

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