Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ricky Gervais writes to Nice Man

I don't know what to think! Initially I am pleased. Readers will know from a previous post about Ricky's jokes on ME. Nice Man had written him an email saying the routine perpetuated a degree of misinformation and denigration that could only harm the ME cause, and that unlike Ricky's other illness comedy, it didn't come across as being ironic. I won't quote Ricky's email directly (nettiquette and all that) but generally he writes that it is never his intention to cause offence and his routines depend on the audience seeing him in 'ignorant bigot' persona (ie. exactly how I see him in the other routines).
Anyway, I know others may still be angry at him and I too will still be frustrated if the DVD of his gig fails to convey his intended irony and still gives the impression that ME is a any kind of choice. But....I do think the email he sent was personal and sincere. I always want to see the best in people. I'm glad he wrote. Maybe he'll try and approach the routine differently (?) maybe not, but he has obviously given it thought and taken the time to write a personal email. I never feel comfortable holding grudges. I was looking for a way to feel better about it all and his email has helped.

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