Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hitting cars with grapes

Oh, okay then. I didn't last long in Time Out world, did I? I got a few nice emails from people asking what is your big secret? Are you emigrating? Getting married?! I have been cryptic without cause.
I find it hard to talk about my ongoing attempts at Mickel Therapy, a topic which is still mysterious, indeed baffling to me. To my surprise and pleasant bewilderment I saw some pockets of improvement in function, and I wanted to hover over them with my finger to my lips, saying ssshhh, incase I would break the spell. However the spell does break regularly and I am still not sure if I have anything that can be built upon. I still feel routinely wrecked and wrung out. Also part of the ethos of trying MT is to avoid lengthy ruminating over the process itself, in order to ease the permanently-furrowed-brow look. It's a beauty treatment, then. I must hush! I will keep trying and see what prevails.
So, here we are, business as usual: some doubt, some hope, much I don't know. I phoned Stuart yesterday and said, Hi, what are you doin? Trying to hit my car with a grape, he replied. Ah, The reassuring surrealness of life.
PS Why can't I get space breaks in my posts? I need space breaks!

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Maggie said...

Try hitting return twice at the end of each paragraph?

Not much good on the techy side of blogger!

Best wishes from sunny Liverpool