Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Posting about not posting

Hello, dedicated readers. I say 'dedicated' because if you are reading this, I salute you for persevering with my less and less frequent postings. This blog was like a shiny bike I got for Christmas and now it gets left in the garage for weeks, behind a grass-spattered lawnmower and some surplus planks of laminate flooring.
I don't really know which way is up at the moment. I am still trying to implement aspects of Mickel Therapy into the management of my daily activity. I have not relapsed which is brilliant but I also hope to be able to make much larger gains - if this is at all possible. It is still so mystifying and challenging to talk about. I'll tell you in six months or a year. I might know more then.
I was thinking about it all in Asda recently and a shelf-stacker man shouted, 'don't look so worried.' Glad I was looking radiant then. Oh, now I feel slightly ashamed to admit I shop in Asda with it's eco-wrecking, multi-national greed. For the record, My Lord, the defendant was distracted, however her purchases did include Ecover products and organic bananas.


CatherineNiven said...

I'm glad things are going well for you Ciara, long may it last! And yes, I check daily for some of your blog gossip.

As for Asda, well I got skinny jeans there for £7 last month. £7! Can't be bad. Now Topshop can kiss my.....

dannys said...

Hi Ciara--well this is certainly a wonderful reason to let the blog gather some dust. Great news!