Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dam fine?

Friends, Romans and country men, I am still alive. I have been chided gently for letting my public down by not posting enough. So here is my update: yes, to my continued surprise (indeed, astonishment), I am still making progress with the Mickel Therapy. Hoo-flippin-rah. I won't go into specifics as it is still too early in the grand scheme of things - it's been 3 months since I started Mickel. I'm hoping to compound progress and build it over time, if possible. Most importantly, I've (so far) avoided the previous huge relapses that would blight me for weeks/months at a time.

It's not as straight forward as just 'feeling better' - it's like trying to do a vast jigsaw with lots of trial and error - seeing which symptoms lessen (or increase) with which activities; and trying to find the best 'fit' or response. Right, I said I wasn't going to start explaining or defending it and the explaining-and-defending alarm has just gone off, so...moving swiftly on...

I have booked a weekend break to Amsterdam in April for myself and Nice Man to sit on a canal boat, say hello to Camera Obscura (who are doing a gig there) and stay in this vision-of-pinkness flat.


Mo said...

Good to see you posting again, Ciara. Long may the improvement continue.

Rachel Fox said...

I'm a bit new to this blog thing so I hope this works! I had seen your poems on Laura Hird's site so bought 'Seats' at StAnza last week. It's very good but you probably know that (at least some of the time). I am a poet too but don't like a lot of contemporary poetry to be honest...some of it seems to try way, way too hard...yours is different - a light touch and some great knock-em-dead lines. I particularly like 'Overlooked', 'Nice wheelchair', 'Skimmed' and 'So, as you see it'.
Rachel Fox

Ciara said...

Hi Rachel,

many thanks! Your name rings a bell for poetry - must look for you online.

I go through crises of confidence in writing and at times I think I just can't do it, so I'm glad to hear you like the poems.


Rachel Fox said...

I was on Laura Hird's site the issue after you or thereabouts. That might be why the name sounds familiar. All my stuff (or most of it) is on my site - details at end of first post.
As far as crisis of confidence goes....I am having one of those weeks when I'm not sure I am fit to exist at all never mind write anything. Oh dear. Better go listen to some loud music!