Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thanking ye and TV

As you know, this blog is in an unofficial slumber but every so often I am cheered by an 'I-like-your-blog' email or comment from a reader and it makes me want to write in thanks.
The hardest part of the Mickel therapy is the up and down nature of it. Any progress (for me, anyway) is not linear and it's easy to point out the times when I feel it isn't working and then speculate that the ever-surprising pockets of improvement may not last. I do this. I am trying not to do this. So, it's been a more classic slow and frustrating ME day today and I am just trying to accept that for what it is and not read pessimism into that fact.

I started watching season 5 (or 6?) of The Sopranos last night. Tony Soprano was so rotund I though he'd keel over from a heart attack at any moment. A bullet got there first, but of course he can hardly die in episode one, can he? I watch less TV than ever before, but maybe that's a good thing. I only like watching programmes if I can discuss them later with friends and now that we've all got at least 47 channels, you don't get that warm community-viewing feeling. Still, I like being loyal to channel 4 and BBC 1 and 2; the old reliables.


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