Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hung out to dry

Five to ten working days was the last estimate for when I might receive my new modem. Throw in two postal strikes and the fact that Talk Talk promised me my modem two weeks ago, and who knows when it'll arrive. My 'Sweex' (?) wireless router is still failing to open websites and the helpful folk at Sweex (who hell they?) have no helpline. You can email them and they'll respond three days of the week. They recommend I log on to websites with long lists of numbers in the title. Hey, I can't get on to any websites from home, let alone obscure techie portals that magically reset wireless frequencies.

I am still using other people's computers every couple of days, which is a bit like using other people's bathrooms. You never quite relax. You miss your own shampoo.

Anyway, friends, I have finally recovered the lost ground from the bug. I am back to my batting average, always hoping I can uncover new avenues of progress, while accepting that things can be frustratingly slow at times too. I fancy going to the cinema again soon. We saw Paris Je t'aime earlier in the week and generally J'aimed it.

Until next time, (I hate to let go of your hand, oh t'internet readers)...


Mo said...

So you'd recommend "Paris je t'aime" then? I quite fancy it. I'm still in raptures over BBC2s "Paris" series with Sandrine Voillet. Came over all misty eyed at seeing my old haunts.

Hope you're back online soon Ciara. After reading of your modem problems I've decided to stick with my current ISP - despite their call centre being crap.

Ciara said...

Hi Mo,

I get the feeling I should have stuck with Tiscali. They dropped their prices after I attempted to swap. Better the devil you know. Know I'm hanging midstream with no home access!