Saturday, July 07, 2007

Whisking the cake mixture of Life

Wow - have I slumped this week or what? I was over-hasty in trying to get passed my sick bug horriblus. I actually feel worse 5 days after it, as opposed to 2 days after it. My progress chart has nose-dived. I am trying not to get alarmed, yet the deja vu isn't pretty - the feeling of 'poison' in the veins, the gasping-to-lie-down waves of weakness. My deepest fear in these situations is that the Mickel progress was some sort of random fluke that may have run it's course. I can't let myself believe that, so far, but those are the darkest thoughts. Okay, wheesht, calm, - vent over. There, I've said it, in the hope of exorcising doubt. If you are still here, readers, you are with me on the ups and downs. Now I shall refocus on the blackboard as best I can.

Still no Internet and I am writing this post from the spare bedroom as I baby-sit for the kids of a dear friend. This dear friend is a very busy doctor and she hasn't ever managed to read my blog - I tease her about it. She didn't know what a blog was. I can tease her again that I wrote mine from her spare bedroom and she still won't get round to reading it. The kids are sleeping now. They were watching a DVD she bought - some adventure story about huskies and swarthy explorers in the Arctic. The kids asked me about frost bite and I had to tell them gently it could make you lose your fingers.' That's not very good for whisking cake mixture, said the wee girl. No. That and other things.

This non-weather is getting beyond a joke. I keep wondering if a sustained blast of sunshine would pep me up.



The J said...

I always, always get worse with a spell of rain - I suspect it's a reaction to mold. So here's hoping for a burst of sun and an upswing on the progress chart!

Ian said...

Hi Ciara, I sent you a comment before but maybe it got lost ? We've all had the bug you describe here - sickness followed by about a week of fatigue, nausea and back-ache ( kidneys ? ) etc. So maybe the same thing is up in your part of the world too ? Hang in there, I'm sure you'll feel better soon...

Ciara said...

Hi Ian,

I've been thinking of you - wishing you good luck with the pending birth! Getting no emails or commenst - general internet farce. Still waiting on a Modem I was promised weeks ago. Anyway - good luck your side. Keep us posted!


NMJ said...

Poor you, C, but my experience is that other bugs always make ME worse, regardless of the phase you're in, am sure just a wee step back, but don't let it rain on the lovely things you have been able to do recently.