Thursday, October 04, 2007

Her with the big ears?

On Friday, I'm off on my bi-annual pilgrimage to visit my two cute nieces in Leamington Spa. If you google image search Leamington Spa you get this curious photo, which is slightly more interesting than a regency terrace, so that's what your getting, folks.

I'm still enjoying my part-time placement at the film company. It's small scale but it's rewarding to have a sense of purpose, not to mention ample post-it notes and several shades of high-lighter pens to choose from. When the phone rings it's for the others in the office, so I can see I'll have to forge contacts so people will have reasons to phone me. I phoned a girl today in a fashion design house whose name had the Italian pronunciation of Cecilia (Che-chile-a). I asked for Chinchilla by mistake.



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Ian said...

And you complain about people not being able to pronounce *your* name ! [Grin]