Sunday, December 23, 2007

Greetings of the season

Dear readers,
if there are any of you left (?!) excuse me for letting this blog slow to almost a halt.

The Mickel Therapy has helped me beyond my meagre expectations this year, and yet there are still times that I find it profoundly challenging. I won't dissect it all here, but perhaps that is why I am hiding from the blog - the second half of the race is still difficult for me, and I am doing the best I can, behind the scenes. Perhaps I'm too good at getting in my own way (?!)

Next year will bring changes and I will update as plans unfold. Maybe I will try to update at the end of each month, so people know when to check.

Apologies for not sending off any Christmas cards and it was good to receive a few. Next year, I'll get on the case. Here's a link to an animated card site that my nieces love. You can see free preview cards with lovely animation.

Happy Christmas - may you find yourself in the woolly jumper of contentment and the pantaloons of peace.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

M&S, S&M

My dear friends, Stuart and Marisa got married in New York. May happiness reign upon them!