Monday, January 28, 2008

Movers and Shakers

Dear Readers, you find me typing while on the dog-and-bone to my ISP, Talk Talk. I've been on hold for just under a million minutes. The recorded message keeps shouting 'Thank you for your continued wait!' and sounds like Davina McColl. I keep thinking she's actually the customer service person and I jump to attention every 30 seconds.

I am trying to arrange a change of address for my ISP. What's that, you say? A move?! Yes, indeedy. More will be revealed later. It involves myself and Nice Man and it'll be good once we get passed the nitty gritty. Today's nitty gritty involves sticking my head into the back of cupboards (at my current, soon-to-be-'old') flat and finding packets of lentils or self-raising flour marked best before Jun '05. There is a fleeting temptation to keep them, but '05? Come now...

More of today's To-Do's involved throwing random possessions in blue plastic Ikea sacks (socks/books/flowering cactus) and getting ready to plead (when I finally get through to Talk Talk's home-moving helpline) that their requirement of BT reactivating the existing phone line at the new address (ie flicking a switch in an exchange box somewhere) is reasonable, but the fact that BT are then charging £124.99 for this honour, sounds to me like they're taking the mickey. Jeeze, that was a long sentence. And perhaps unnecessarily so! I'm warbling...

Wish me luck.


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