Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pleasing Party Aftermath

Oh, how lucky I feel to have a surprisey party thrown for me, and even better, it coincided with my 40th birthday. Nice Man made me wear a scarf tied around my eyes as I walked in to a mystery destination (yikes) and lo, a room full of people were singing Happy Birthday. Happily still, they were my nearest and dearest and they did place kisses on my cheek and give me presents. Nice Man sang with his guitar and John McCusker got his fiddle out and Heidi Talbot sang this melodic swooper of a song. I tried to chat to everyone at least once, so it was a bit hectic at the time, but in the aftermath, well, it was a pleasing mass of general loveliness. I'll write some thank you cards soon.

PS - I found a tank-top in a bag and I don't know if it was a present for me without a gift tag, or some one's knitwear gone AWOL. I'll wear it, if its owner can't be found. Black and 'V' necked, it's a utility classic to be applauded.



Anonymous said...

Heidi sang "Bunch Of Thyme" also called "Come All Ye Maidens Young And Fair", ya daftie...x

Rachel Fox said...

Heidi Talbot singing anything at your birthday is pretty damn amazing. She is a fantastic singer - I saw her in Montrose last year some time and she was proper mesmerising.
I was 41 a couple of days after your 40th. Wrote a totally miserable poem but am pleased with it (for now - see blog if can face the misery). So does that make a person less miserable or more? 'I was looking for a job and then I found a job and....'etc. I'd like to Heidi sing that too!