Tuesday, February 05, 2008

boys in green aprons and freudenschade

Now is the time that I wish I'd learnt touch-typing in school. Secretarial studies, as it was called, was generally frowned upon. If you were 'clever', you were encouraged to do languages or science instead. I took German, but I think I'd swap it for touch-typing. These people that can type without looking at the keyboard impress me more than anyone who can use an Umlaut or know what Schadenfreude really means, when you break it down. Can anyone learn to touch type, later in life? i.e. after their brain is hard wired to look at every key, or else thye end up wrtining lke tis?!*!?

Today in my local supermarket there were about 10 varieties of apple. I used to love cox pippin in autumn and granny smith in spring. I asked a boy in a green apron which apples are in season now (half of them are from New Zealand or somewhere a million food miles away). He went to ask another boy in a green apron and together they asked a third boy. The consesus was that all the apples were in season. They're all in season, he said, waving his hand across the display, to lend weight to his argument. Okay, I said, but I didn't believe him.

Here is a good website called Eat the Seasons that should tell us more.



Tom said...

Oh my, that's a fantastic website. I have a friend who goes to the Farmers' Market 2 or 3 times a week that will love it. And a friend who has moved to the country and is missing the Farmers' Market. How ironic is that? - Orynthia

Mo said...

I learnt to touch type at evening classes when I was 27/8. There's definitely still hope :-) Did you ever get piano lessons? If you did, then typing should be a dawdle. Definitely one of the most useful skills I ever learnt.

NMJ said...

god,the typing thing - exactly how i feel!

Serena said...

You ask "Can anyone learn to touch type, later in life? " - yes, it's quite possible although it can be painfully slow. I learnt when I was well into my twenties. Working as a programmer, I could type pretty fast with two fingers before I learnt to touch type. There was a long period though when I could either type very slowly but properly or fast but using two fingers and watching what I was doing. You need to have the patience to keep practicing and doing it the hard way and you'll find that your speed gradually increases.