Thursday, March 27, 2008


A morally-challenged man decided to take my laptop and exchange it for some class A drugs, so I'm unable to respond to emails for a while. Just so you know.



Tom said...

Oh Ciara, you have such bad luck with t'internet! There's free internet access at the Mitchell Library which has a very nice little cafe.

Catherine Black said...

How awful! I hope you are ok. Can you give me a call sometime? I've lost your email and new phone number - somehow it's all vanished. Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Just testing to see if I can leave a comment..'bad egg ' the one who took the laptop

Maggie E said...

What a bad egg!

Ciara said...

hi Cat,

i lost all my outlook express adresses too. Mental week. Will be back in touch soon.

-C x

Anonymous said...

arggh... cursed the individual that took it :( That's a really low thing to do.

TF said...

Mrs MacLaverty,
I'm Tizian Fratus from Turin Poetry (, sorry if I use this blog. Please concact me via email for an international project.
Best regards

Flower said...

Sorry to hear that, i enjoy reading your blog. It's been interesting hearing about the MT. I'm doing something called Gupta Amygdala Retraining Programme which I think is similar! Hard work though. Anyway, hope karma restores itself and you get another laptop soon!