Saturday, March 01, 2008

The thing about the taps (and the texts)

You know how taps (faucets) are made of chrome silvery stuff? Well, the bathroom taps in our new flat are merely coated in the silvery stuff and (barely visible to the eye) it's started to chip and crack, like tin foil only sharper. When I turn on the hot tap, I sometimes get papercuts in my fingers. I am learning to turn on the tap by barely touching it. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on the landlord agency to fix my fall-aparty chest of drawers. If I mention the taps, they'll think I'm strange. There's nothing to see. They'd have to move in with us and get a few papercuts before they realised the predicament.

I started getting scam texts that say 'I did the girly thing for leap year and proposed to him! He said Yes! Lucky Man.' One just said 'How the devil are you?'

I'm using a birthday gift token for a scalp massage this afternoon. Oh yes, shall relax.


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