Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lost e-mails, double trews...

Thanks for all the kind messages of congratulations. I hear that some people e-mailed me at my old e-mail addresses and the e-mail's didn't get through. Tiscali and Talk Talk are no longer.

Alas, I lost my Outlook Express email address book when my laptop was stolen and I don't know how to import addresses on the new Windows Vista. For those trying to get in touch, the best way is to email me via the blog link. I think there is a link?!

What a lot of rain has fallen, on these longest days of the year. The breeze is still chilly enough that I have resorted back to wearing the double trew (two pairs of trousers at once). It's a combination that I usually reserve for October to April wear. My sister tells me I should get warmer, further on in the pregnancy. It's like carrying a human hot-water bottle around, she said.


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