Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'Awfie Stout'

Well, I am not the poster I used to be. I post far less, I realise. This is okay, surely? Not posting is like keeping a yogurt at the back of the fridge that's a couple of days past it's 'sell by' date. You don't eat it and you don't throw it out either - just in case you might eat it. Inertia gains control of the yogurt - or, in this case, the blog.

I'm pleased to say I am now 32 weeks pregnant. Strangers like to pronounce on my physiology. I do not mind. I am not easily offended by this. Today one woman shouted, Oh, you're awfie stout, hen. I just know it's a boy. A teenage girl exclaimed to her pal - look at her, sooooo pregnant. I love pregnant people. A man in the swimming pool (73 with terrible teeth) bet me 10 pence it's a boy. 'Boy' is the general consensus from uninhibited street punters.

I feel as if it is a boy too - but, of course, I could be wrong. I said to a friend, I feel male energy and she laughed.

Mostly I feel fine, but recent blood tests show my platelets are low - this means my blood is thin and may not clot easily. How dare my blood start to whinge! Does it not know how far I have come to get here? Anyway, we are waiting to see a consultant about the wimpy platelet levels and I am trying to eat iron rich foods and stay cool and demure. I will stay out of street fights and bar room brawls.



dharmarascal said...

Congratulations, Ciara!

I enjoy your occasional posts from over here (we met at Tchai Ovna many moons ago).

Hope all goes well...


Kerry said...

I just found your blog while following links an wanted to say "hi" and wish you all the best. I have ME/CFS and a four year old and while it is sometimes a challenge, having him in my life is a wonder. I don't see much about people with CFS who are parents so finding your blog was great. I've added you to my blog reader and hope to read more about your baby, who must be close to due by now.

Kerry said...

P.S. I got confused about the dates and for some reason thought your last post was a month ago, hence my comment about baby nearly being due. Sorry about that. I hope baby stays right where he/she is for a good while yet.

Nicki Diamond said...

Ciara! How wonderful! Obviously I have not been reading your blog regularly enough. I am so pleased for you both.

Ian Shepherd said...

If you think people are opinionated now, wait 'till the baby arrives ! Get used to listening to lots of unwelcome (well-intentioned) advice, smiling sweetly and saying "thank-you", and then doing exactly whatever YOU think is right for you and your baby.