Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Beetroot juice and Billy Ocean

Some child-care gurus recommend talking to your baby regularly before it is born. I feel like a daftie trying to do this, but today I loved driving the car home from work and singing along (loudly, badly, deeply) to Billy Ocean. (I could pretend Billy was merely on the radio by chance, but that would be a lie, dear readers. I am in possession of BO's greatest hits. Nice Man heroically defied his musical DNA to buy it for me).

And guess what - the baby was not being cynical about this tone-deaf joyous recital of 80's-pop-without-irony. Nay, baby was kicking away. This either means it is (A) uncomfortable and trying to move position or (B) contented and happy. I will choose to believe (B).

Thank you for all the comments and good wishes. I have been eating beetroot because the Romans decreed that it was good for strengthening the blood. I bet they made that up. I bet they just inferred it when they saw how the purple juice stained their togas.



Ian said...

Enough shilly-shallying ! We want photos of the bump !

Please :-)

Sue Jackson said...

Hi -

Great to hear you and the baby are doing so well - you're coming up to 9 months soon! It seems quick from a blog-reader perspective but probably not so much for you...I remember those "Awfie Stout" days myself, though it now seems so long ago (my boys are now 10 and 14).

I, too, like to sing along - loudly and badly - to 80's pop music in the car. The cool thing is that my younger son is starting to get into it, too. Of course, every time a young pop star comes out with a remake of an 80's song, my kids think it's all new!

Glad to hear things are continuing to go well for you - good luck with your last month.


nmj said...

hey c, i had to google billy ocean, my mind was blank, all i could think of was billy joel, but i just heard caribbean queen & it's all come back. thinking of you, am so thrilled you are at this stage. x

suzeb said...

Stumbled across your blog, I'm another Glasgow-based ME sufferer who has been trying out Mickel Therapy for a while, so I was glad to have found your blog. My ME was triggered by having my baby 3 years ago, although I think it'd been hanging around waiting for an excuse to make an appearance for a while before that. Wishing you all the best with the baby. Such a lovely time for you (although you'll be counting down now).