Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love to burn? You mean heart burn....

People always tell you that having a child is the single biggest change you can make to your life and everything feels different afterwards and you can never imagine what it feels like until it happens to you. (Patronising to the child-less or child-free perhaps?) Anyway...

I have not reached this 'universes collide' moment yet, and already these last few weeks of pregnancy feel strange and surreal. I feel a sort of 'hush' where I'm less aware of waiting. It's like standing at the side of a stage ready to go on and read your lines. It's daunting - but there's also a relief and stillness, knowing that it's almost time.

I've also been thinking about my propensity to avoid writing. Good God, any excuse not to write! I have decided the main excuse might be vanity. My dad once said that the 'artist' must have the courage to be thought pretentious. He's right. I don't blog things because I think, that's too trivial or too specific (or not specific enough) and generally I wimp-out of writing. Wimp, wimp, wimp. Well, I have these final days of pregnancy ahead, and darn it, I should use them to write more on the blog; to be another pin prick in the galaxy of blogs; to risk being pretentious. Currently, I'm pretentiously pregnant with heart burn.

More soon, readers. Hold me to it!


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