Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things and more things

Right! There is apparently a recognised phenomenon of 'nesting' whereby pregnant women get frantic about trying to get their houses tidy before their baby arrives. I am having moments of mini wars against 'things'. Things like - sunglasses with one leg detached, leaflets from Sunday newspapers on Eco Living or How to Play the Piano, threadbare towels, books I'll never read again, and general dust. Spiders can sneak back behind the bath, if they want.

I don't see the attraction of owning so many things. In fact, I feel cluttered by them. (Nice Man, meanwhile, enjoys collecting, and has 77 million CD's, books and DVDs and thinks I could be a philistine). In my humble opinion (turbo-charged by pregnancy hormones) I am ever more content that 'Content' (ha, see the adjective to noun shift there?) is everywhere for free - TV programmes, radio, music, i-player; books from the library and charity shops. When I'm finished reading or consuming, I like to give the books/things back to the chari shops - a kind of good karma, keep-the-energy-flowing position.

I've heard the term 'infobesity' to describe the general information overload of our media age, and I'm waiting for my next fit of de-cluttering to see if a sudden urge could prompt me to delete my facebook and myspace sites. I mean, this blog is enough, surely ? I can't keep up with social networking sites. They make me want to stare into the middle distance, like a cow chewing grass in a field. Feel the peace of that.

And, of course, space must be created for bambino stuff. It's the five week countdown...bonkers.



greenwords said...

5 weeks - wow! I wish you very happy nesting. Good luck with the countdown. I'll look forward to the post-bambino post!

Sue Jackson said...

I'm with you - clutter makes me crazy! Unfortunately, I live with 3 pack-rats who hate to get rid of anything. My older son is so sentimental that he attaches great value to everything from his babyhood and childhood - it's all "special"! I keep threatening to move to a tiny house so we'd be forced to get rid of some stuff. That's my dream - to live in a tiny, clutter-free house in the woods by a lake, with lots of natural light and open space. Ah, well...back to reality!


sofamum said...

lots and lots of thoughts and best wishes to you and the little one and its daddy. such an exciting time! i hope all goes well on the day and look forward to hearing all about it. xx

nmj said...

hey c, decluttering is always a good idea - i hate clutter at the best of times - and i imagine your darling wee bambino will bring his/her own 'clutter' as babies seem to! wishing you a lovely, peaceful nesting period, i guess it is 4 weeks now...x