Thursday, November 13, 2008

He Shoots, He Scores!

Camera Obscura (one of the bands that Nice Man works with) sent Hugh a card with an accompanying outfit. The message read - " If he's born in Glasgow, he'll either be a musician or a footballer, so better get him into this outfit pronto". We felt a bit cruel, giggling as we dressed him, but hey, he wears it well and the shorts cover his nappy with adequate sufficiency.



nmj said...

... he is so perfectly formed and has an air of self-assuredness, amazing when he is just a week old. a beautiful boy. x

Mary Anne said...

Hugh looks adorable in that outfit! Way to go.

Sue Jackson said...

He's so adorable! It sounds like you're really enjoying him. I'm so happy for you! Before you know it, he'll be in a real uniform running around on the field. Our boys both started soccer at age 4 and have been passionate about it ever since. Lots of fun ahead!


Mo said...

He looks so alert already! Beautiful.

ianshepherd said...


He's bonny :-)

Isn't it the most amazing thing ?


Top Bird said...

What a beautiful boy! He's a perfect delight in his new little outfit. Gorgeous. xx