Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One week young

Well, it's true. They say the memories of the pain of birth start to fade fast. I was all ready to rant about how excruciating it was, how barbaric and almost medieval, but a week later there are new 'headlines' that seem simultaneously mundane and miraculous. Things like:

Sling-sational: Hugh goes to Tesco Express. (The Sun)

Too much Too Young? Partick 'Jakey' invites Hugh to pub for first Pint. (West End Courier).

And - Hugh(ge) Credit Crunch! - Old Woman tries to bless Hugh with Silver and runs out of Change. (Financial Times)

I'll spare you the reports on nappies, crying and cheesy bokes. I think that's all de-rigour. It's all so surreal. I keep seeing Hugh and thinking - who's that baby and how did he get into our flat?


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