Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Mum Pals - the dance steps

Ah, motherhood, t'is good. Life is inching towards more of a routine. I try to get out with Hugh most days, and a new phenomenon has arisen - sizing up potential 'mummy' pals.

When I see suitable candidates in the local supermarket or cafes, I have an urge to start baby conversations in the hope that we can become New Mum Pals. (Often I'm timorous - as if I'm back at school and have to choose one of the boys for a country-dance partner). So - attributes of a suitable NMP candidate?

Woman pushing pram. Woman over 30, preferably over 35 (22 year olds need not apply - sorry!) An occasional strand of grey hair that has escaped the hair dye (I'll empathise). Nice coat or clothes I would love to own myself. A sense of humour. Of course, you can only detect humour after you have risked a few opening lines, hence the gambling nature of the situation.

I'm off to a mother and baby group tomorrow. It's in a church hall and they have sofas and rugs like an episode of Friends. There's a kitchen too and local woman run a wee cafe with great-value lunches. I'm so impressed with people who have vocational jobs and provide real community service. The people who make soup and pancakes from the goodness of their hearts, and then tidy the toys away at the end. Quiet heroism, if you ask me.



ianshepherd said...

Those Mother and Toddler groups are great, A made loads of new friends at the one in our village. NCT coffee mornings FTW also :-) Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, when I had tiny children, I met some of the best mates you could ever hope for at mother and toddlers, go for it.

Sue Jackson said...

I know just what you mean! I was still working full-time when my sons were first born (i.e. before CFS), and it sometimes seemed to me as if all the other moms were paired off or established in chummy groups, and I knew no one!

I never had time while I was working to make new friends, but when my oldest son started kindergarten, he quickly became best friends with two other boys also named James. I became friends with both of their moms. Jamie is now 14, and the two James are still his best friends, and their moms have become my closest friends as well! There is definitely something bonding about going through the same stages of childhood with other moms. Have fun at your new group!


Rachel Fox said...

It is just like being back at school...some lovely people who you'll want to know forever and some evil witches who will haunt your memories forever! Good luck!

sofamum said...

Hello there, just checking in to see how you're getting on with Hugh and I loved this post about meeting New Mums. I know just how you feel, good luck! The great thing is that every Mum with a new baby feels like you. All very best wishes, great to see things going so well x