Monday, February 02, 2009

How much for my eco guilt?

So Nice Man has to go away on a business trip in March and I looked up possible flights to my sister's in England. BMI Baby would charge me £27.98 return (huge bargain apart from the tax of my eco-guilt. I know, I know...). But get this - an infant (ie Mr Hugh) would cost £30 return. He doesn't even get his own seat (he'd have to wriggle in my lap). What is that all about?!

It's enough to make me take the train in protest.

Our snow went all sleety and didn't lie. Aww.


Okay, now I'm really feeling hypocritical. Sneaky wee internal flights are one thing when they are anonymous. As soon as I declare such an intention publicly, the irony is inescapable. We have a baby boy. I should be minimising our carbon footprints at every oppor-chancity. We should get the train...


nmj said...

oh, honey, just get the plane, you are allowed a couple of flights a year, it's not like you're globe trotting - and the train will be extortionate, though wee Hugh will be free.

ha, word ver is 'spore'!

Rachel Fox said...

We should worry about everything...

Mo said...

Did you get as far as the booking part of the ticket? Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I was looking at BMI flights to Birmingham recently. They looked great till I got to the bit where they wanted £44 handling charge for credit card payment! If you had one of those elusive Visa Electron cards, it was slightly less.

Ciara said...

hi Mo,

yes, i eventually booked (avec eco-guilt) and by then the prices have leapt up. But the train was ridiculously expensive - I found £91 single!

-C x