Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tiredness and untidyness, okay. Chewing gum, nope.

Phew - I'm tired tonight, but I think it's allowed. Sometimes my day starts at 6am, when Hugh won't go back to sleep. I used to think only farmers, bakers and postmen got up at 6am, now I realise people with babies do too.

Sometimes I can't keep up with the tidying and I have to learn to ignore the mess and not let it irk me. I've always been a really tidy person, so I see it as a slow personality change. Bundle of clothes lying in a pile? Sure! Toys and sticky stuff on the kitchen floor? Go right ahead.

Nice Man is away to LA. I'm amazed I know anyone who goes to LA, never mind being 'married'* to such a person. (Not technically 'married', you see, just to confuse and exasperate relatives...but, when a couple have a kid, I think that's as big a commitment as it gets).

Ah well, the check-out woman at the supermarket told me she had never been on a plane. She looked about 62 and I wished she would treat herself to an aviation adventure. I also noticed that there were about 24 types of chewing gum at the checkout (seriously - 4 rows of 6 flavours). There used to be two - plain spearmint Wrigleys and then 'Juicy Fruit'. I never buy chewing gum, so I guess I missed the 'chuggy' revolution. Ah, the relief of not having to care.

I will go to bed early tonight. Even if the light outside is fooling me into thinking the day is young.


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Hazel said...

Here's a couple of quotes for you, Ciara.
"Tidying up when there's children around is like sweeping the path when it's still snowing"
"There never was a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep" Ralph Waldo Emerson

And a vote of confidence for you too - you must be doing something very right because you have a wee smasher of a boy. Good for you!
Best wishes,