Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mystery shopper

The other day, in the supermarket, I set down my wire basket of shopping and wandered briefly to another aisle. When I came back it was gone. I asked the cashiers and no one had seen it. The manager checked with the shelf-stackers and they all agreed that another customer must have taken it up.

I wondered what kind of customer suddenly decided that today was the day he (or she) couldn't live without 2 tiramasu, value-pack avocados and 11 Huggies aqua nappies.



Rachel Fox said...

I didn't know you could get value avocados. Maybe only in big cities...we're always behind out in the sticks.

Ciara said...

yes, R,

avo's are so dear but occasionally you can get 4 for £1 or 5 for £1.20ish in a pack.

-C x

Rachel Fox said...

I can alway horrify our vegetable-shy 9 year old by telling her she used to eat avocado as a baby. She doesn't really want to believe me but she knows I very (VERY!) rarely lie.