Monday, July 06, 2009

Breaking News in Times Square

So.., as I was saying, we were in Times Square and I overheard an American voice ask, 'Is Michael Jackson dead?' and I thought, there is a person who doesn't know anything about anything, a person who hasn't a clue. It's Elvis who's dead, and John Lennon, and Kennedy. Duh.

And then it flashed up on the giant screens that poor 'old' Wacko Jacko had joined them. Jeeze. I never felt strongly about him, one way or the other, but what a sad end. Billie Jean was my favourite song. It was so 1983, (or was it '84?).

My sister and I occasionally referred to Michael Jackson as Meek-leh. (We changed the names of a lot of people for no apparent reason - pre Heat Magazine). My sister would walk into the room, wriggle her leg like Jackson dancing and then say, Meek-leh leg.

I'm not sure that works in translation, but I've said it now.

Yes, the pedestrianisation of Times Square has my full approval. You can never get too much pedestrianisation. Get a few pigeons elected to the city council and there would be no looking back.


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