Friday, September 25, 2009

Prophecies and floorboards

Okay - so I feel as if my communications to the world are thwarted somewhat. We are living with my parents for a week as our floorboards are sanded and varnished. And at the same time, I'm having technical problems with email, our land line and my mobile. A triple whammy that leaves me with a possible case of Ignoring People Guilt.

In the meantime, who needs a world of electronic intercourse when there is an old-fashioned visionary at my local supermarket? Cup your ear, readers...

My pregnancy is just beginning to show but could still be mistaken for a case of too much cake and pizza. However, a few weeks back, there was really no belly and I was a wearing 'slimming' black mini-dress and black tights. A tall African man at the till in said supermarket made me gasp when he said he knew I was pregnant with a baby boy.

There was no way he could have seen a bump. I could have flounced off and complained to the manager at such a comment. Yet he told me he was a preacher in 'his own country' and has the 'gift of prophecy.' I was so amazed, I found no real reason to doubt him. Cue spooky music and save the blue bootees.


1 comment:

Hazel said...

I have goosebumps! Oh well, at least you can recycle all the boys clothes.
I hope you are keeping well : )