Sunday, February 21, 2010

Laundry luck in week 36

So, I took a risk and put my 'dry clean only' cream coat in a 40 degree white wash. Feeling cavalier, I threw in my white trainers (sneakers) too. Everything came out fine and clean - the soles of the trainers looked shop-new again. Oh, the small victories of domestic life.

The pregnancy train is pulling into week 36 and I'm willing it on to week 37. Any baby born between week 37 and week 42 is 'full term' within the normal range. The hospital has given me a due date of 21st of March, but I'd be happy if my body was ready any time from March 1st (week 37). Hugh arrived at week 38 (on the same night Barack Obama was winning the US election).

So anyway, dear readers, I am looking after myself and thinking about the month of March.


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nmj said...

You are so jammy to get away with washing your dryclean only coat! If that had been me it would have come out matted & shrunken. Hope all goes well in March xxx