Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pass the croissants...

Yes, it has gradually happened - I've become an infrequent poster. I'm excusing myself on this account. I was amazed to realise the blog has almost been going six years now, so it's allowed a wee rest by the side of the road.

I am week 33 of the pregnancy and, once again, I look like I have a space-hopper up my jumper. 'You look identical to last time,' said a friend, and she is right. I am 'carrying' the same way.

I have to take iron tablets for pregnancy anaemia. The tablets give me an irritable stomach and the instructions recommend avoiding tea and wheat for an hour beforehand and two hours afterwards. I don't think there is a 3 hour compartment of my life (especially my pregnant life) that doesn't involve a sip of tea or a bread product. Ah, bread... I'd be rubbish on an Atkin's diet.

Better get off to bed. More news if I have it. I'll not be too far away.


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ianshepherd said...

Ask about sugar-coated iron tablets - they always prescribe the cheapest variety first but there may be others that are kinder on the stomach...