Monday, March 01, 2010


In his far-thinking wisdom, Hugh has decided to prepare me for the birth of his sibling by reminding me what lavish fun interrupted sleep can be. With a sudden burst of teething, his normal peaceful nights have gone out the window, leaving me floppy and foggy-brained in front of Cbeebies at 7am. Oh, and it's a shame when that thon Calpol gets all o'er your Orla Kiely pillowcases.



Sue Jackson said...

Sleep deprivation is the worst! i could never manage babies again now, with CFS.

My sons were both very strange with teeth - my oldest got his first tooth at 13 months and my youngest not until 15 months!! So, we never really experienced bad teething episodes - they were walking, talking, and eating regular food by the time they got teeth. Bizarre, huh?

Now we're dealing with orthodontists and $5000 braces...


Hazel said...

Oh, the joys! I remember it well. My wee boy is going through the 'losing front teeth' stage and currently looks like Shane MacGowan! I sometimes get frustrated at the way things work when it comes to children - all the stress of teething just so the pearly whites can fall out a few years later... Get some rest whenever you can and good luck in the coming weeks ; ) Hazel