Friday, March 19, 2010

Wait week 40

Well, bambino 2 is officially due this weekend (Sunday 21st March) and, as yet, there are no signs at all. First time birth (with baby Hugh) came like a slow rumble of an earthquake (2 weeks early). I had subtle aches and cramps that built steadily and surely over 2 days and then a whole day and night in the hospital, thinking *when* will this be done? (I'll spare you the vernacular and the sound effects).

It's as if baby two is in no hurry whatsoever. Last week I had a sickness bug and this week I have a heavy cold that makes me feel as if Mike Tyson has beaten me round the head and some strange corporation has stolen all my saliva. I'm actually hoping the labour holds off until I can breathe properly again. Eucalyptus and cough sweets aren't cutting it.

As a special treat, Hugh has broken my laptop. Correction, it broke ('boke') when he slid it from the sofa on to the rug. I thought only juice or milk on the keyboard would kill it, but a gentle flump to the floor has led to it's total demise. Duh. So replacement will have to wait for now. Too big a project to take on while I'm in the the scatty and preoccupied waiting zone.

Technically speaking, I may have to wait until the end of the month - the hospital allows 12 days past Due Date and then they start coming at you with synthetic hormones and plastic aprons. I hope it doesn't come to that. We'll see...

In the meantime, my local playgroup is having a jumble sale tomorrow, so that's my only planned expedition for now. I'll rummage for a bit of home-baking, a few plastic toys or a pot of plum jam.



Sherrie Sisk said...

Hope your "wait watching" days are over! Best of luck to you and your family for the birth of the wee one!

Hazel said...

Very best wishes and good luck!
Keep us posted about the new arrival.
: )