Thursday, April 08, 2010


We've decided to call her Tess. Full name, Tess Maggie Macdonald. I better stop faffing about online and go and feed her.

By the way, my laptop is still broken so I only get online every few days - so sorry for all the delays in email. I've morphed into a reclusive lactating Luddite. But that's fine, right? She's worth it.



Hazel said...

Absolutely beautiful! And such lovely long fingers...she's going to be musical (or is that an old wives tale?) Great name.
Well done to you and yes, she is definitely worth it. : )

Amy said...

Congratulations Ciara, she's beautiful! And very belated congratulations on Hugh too - don't think I've left a comment since you got pregnant the first time/ Hugh was born (I was away from the computer for a long while). It's just wonderful to see how things have turned out for you.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, but you already know that. Lovely name too.

Nicole said...

Hi Ciara

My best wishes to the birth of your daughter. I wish you and your family all the best !!!

Sue Jackson said...

What a beautiful baby! And a wonderful name...Maggie was one of my favorite choices for girls' names, but we never got to use it!

Hope you're both doing well and you're managing to get at least a little sleep!


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous!! Congratulations :)

Sue Jackson said...

Aw, she's beautiful! Belated congratulations to you and your family -