Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't leave the soup on, baby...

Well, we are home from a self-catering week on the island of Mull, where we stayed in this big house. It sleeps ten but we got a last-minute cancellation at a reasonable price.

It might have cost considerably more: we returned from the beach to find the soup burnt dry on the gas, but - phew, phew, Barney McGrew - it was only the soup and not the tasteful barn conversion that burnt to a cinder. Burning down your holiday home is generally not recommended as the best start to a holiday.

We liked the house and the beach, and we even managed to take our wellies off. See photographic evidence below.



Sue Jackson said...

Looks like a beautiful place! We're on vacation ourselves, toward the end of a 3-week road trip across the US, currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico (

Glad you enjoyed your holiday and didn't burn the house down! And so happy to hear how you're enjoying your two beautiful children!! I know I've said this before to you, but every age is wonderful - it just gets better and better.


Hazel said...

I wanna go there. Now.
: )
Hugh is a smiley wee chap. Being a big brother seems to suit him.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Is this Calgary Bay? I have some lovely photos of my children playing there with the whole beach to ourselves.

Ciara said...

Well spotted, anonymous - yes, it was the lovely Calgary Bay.