Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shamed out of Lurker-dom

Aww, thanks to blog reader, Hazel, for saying she misses my blog posts. It has spurred my fingers onwards to the 'new post' button.

Well, this is absolutely my favourite time of year. If the seasons are a ballet, this is the highest arc, the ballerina's most spectacular and graceful jump. The trees, the trees! They are falling over themselves in triumphant greenery.

Our darling babies are doing well -and what a love affair we have. I can't stop kissing their chubby necks and sniffing their heads. Tess used to sleep 7 hour stretches and now seems to wake every 2 or 3 hours in the night. But she'll get there. I just have to use patience and logic and everything we learned with Hugh.

I'm researching options for a holiday in Scotland and will report back later.

There seems to be about four thousand snails in our garden. I tried to cull some, but I felt so guilty when their eyes popped up on wee antenna to look around. I filled a bucket with them and they were crawling out, climbing on each other's backs like desperadoes. I had to stop. They're still eating my plants, so who knows what I can do...


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Hazel said...

*Homer Simpson woo-hoo noise*
So good to see you back!