Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toaster conflict

Today I saw an advert for a see-through toaster and it was a perfect example of my
everyday conflict about consumerism. I thought -

a) What a genius idea
b) Wouldn't it be great to get one
c) How much? Nope. That's way too much
d) Oh, no! Rich people everywhere will be buying them and throwing out perfectly good toasters and this is not what the environment needs. This is the opposite of what the planet needs. What about our children and grandchildren?

...But, a see-through toaster. Genius. You wouldn't have to strain your neck looking down the slots. You wouldn't have to pop the toast up and down, up and down....a little bit more, a little bit more....okay, slightly too much. Fine, I'll butter it anyway. Hmm, I do love toast.

-C x

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Sometimes my common sense and good morals conflict with my need to buy crazy, unnecessary items. Like the yogurt maker,the soda stream, the popcorn maker...the list is endless. I love this see-through toaster. I am actually excited by it! However I know it would probably end up at the back of the cupboard with the Breville sandwich maker and the George Foreman grill!
So good to have you back by the way : )