Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shivery frog rescue

Today was the second day I stumbled across a frog in our garden. (We have no pond and no neighbours with ponds). I go all shivery when I see a frog unexpectedly. Or even expectedly. That slimey pulsating wee torso. Beautiful, yet repulsive too.
So, both times I managed to coax the frogs into a bucket (shiver, shiver) and then took them to Bingham's pond and set them free.

Bingham's pond is not as romantic as it sounds. It is beside a petrol station (with an M&S) and 'The Pond Hotel' (concrete travelodge stylee). However the pond itself is large with many bull rushes, ducks and general pond life. I'm hoping the Kermit guys are happier there. When I take Hugh back there he asks me to 'find f'og' again. Needle in a haystack now, mate.


1 comment:

Hazel said...

I think it's great that despite your shivery repulsion you save the wee froggies.
I do the same with the mice - catch them in a humane trap and traipse up the hill to release them back into the wild. They always come back though (although come to think of it it's probably not the same mouse?)
I enjoy your blog post so much. Hope you are well
Hazel : )