Sunday, August 01, 2010

Marks and Sparks

A friend once commented that Marks and Spencers was full of, 'wives zipping their husbands into wee fawn cardigans'. It made me laugh. I was in M&S yesterday and I saw one school boy standing in his socks and underpants while his mum rustled a pair of polyester school slacks over his pale hips. Not in the changing rooms. On the main floor, close to the wide screen TVs, the bras and the leather sofas. Aww.

I went to Clarks to see if I could get Hugh's feet measured but the wait time was going to be 20 minutes. It was back-to-school-bedlam. I said no way José.


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Anonymous said...

When we moved from the city to a more rural location, I insisted that we be within 20 miles of Marks and Spencer, so we are 17 miles away. The place is in institution, like Clarks shoes for small children!