Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colds, jet lag and waiting on Mad Men

I thought toddlers and kids got frequent colds, precisely because they are so young and this is the slow construction of their later-to-be-adult immunity. So why do I keep catching all the colds that Hugh and Tess bring to me? I used to get one a year, now it seems like one a month.

So, at last, 'Nice Man', Francis, is home from leg one of the Teenage Fanclub tour - Canada/USA/Japan/Korea. It's great to see him back, even if he has conked out with jet lag for half the day. Ah well, we'll get back to our Mad Men boxed set when we slide on to the same time zone.


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Sue Jackson said...

Ah, yes, toddlers are germ factories! Sorry you're learning that lesson now. It goes on for quite a few years, I'm sorry to say! Even now, with my oldest in high school, he starts back in September and within weeks says all the kids are sneezing and coughing.

On a brighter note, we just starting watching Mad Men on DVD this summer - we're up to Season 2 so far. Enjoy it!