Thursday, October 21, 2010


There are days that you pick up the toys, then hoover the carpet. There are other days when you just hoover all the toys to the edge of the carpet. After the kids have gone to bed, you watch TV with a 'flotsam and jetsam' toy-tide lapping round the edge of your living room.



Anonymous said...

This is very poetic! I believe you have published some poetry but I have been unable to purchase a copy of your poems.

Ciara said...

oh, thanks, Lesley. It wasn't deliberately poetic, but I'm glad you find it so.

Yes, there are a few of my poem books left. I used to sell them through my old website but I didn't keep it up. If you send me your address (via the private comments? - I shall not publish the comment) and I could post you one if you like.