Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Occupation?!

When the traffic policeman first pulled along side the car, I commented enthusiastically to Hugh, 'Look, a policeman on a bike!' When the policeman informed me that our tax disc had expired and there was a fine, I was considerably less excited. When he took details and asked me my occupation, I replied, 'Full time mother'. In his note book he wrote, 'No Occupation.'

If he set up a police observation unit, he might notice that I am 'occupied' for 12-14 hours a day (and sometimes in the middle of the night) tending to the two Under 2's. Surely he committed some sort of violation himself? Some error in Trade Descriptions?



greenwords said...

You probably work more hours than he does!

Hazel said...

Grrr! That makes my blood boil.